Session Types and Contribution Instructions

Please contribute to ALE 2014 by getting inspired by the workshop theme and keywords and choose between running a Hands-on session, contribute in one of the Debate Sessions or participate with a poster. 

Designing a hands-on session: The author submits a proposal for an active hands-on session about how to use active learning in engineering education. The author will facilitate the session which must follow the session structure.

Debate Session: In the debate session, Active Learning is explored in a deeper sense seeking answers to specific questions. Each symposium is run and structured by two facilitators. You are welcome to submit your contribution within the topics:

  1. Using Active Learning to attract high school students to Engineering.
  2. Using Active Learning to prevent evasion of Engineering
  3. Using Active Learning to perform research in Engineering Education

Participate in an Inter-active poster session: You contribute by outlining your ideas and examples from Active Learning in an innovative and inter-active poster session.

See Guidelines for Contributions for more specific information on each contribution type.