The ALE network and the Universidade de Caxias do Sul wishes you a very welcome to ALE 2014.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Caxias do Sul from 20 to 22 January 2014 for ALE 2014. Come and actively engage in the activities we are planning for you!

During this workshop we will provide you with a place to meet with colleagues interact and exchange experiences. Bring with you good examples from your teaching practice on how to use Active Learning in Engineering Education. Together we will create dynamic workshops with interactive keynote sessions and poster sessions, hands-on exercises and more theoretical discussions about Active Learning as well as social arrangements.

The theme of the ALE 2014 workshop is Attracting young people to engineering.

It has been more and more difficult to motivate high school students to study science and mathematics, in spite of the many efforts made worldwide to show the relevance of these subjects for the formation of engineers. Sufficient availability of engineers is essential for any economy to have a good competitive position. Knowledge-intensive businesses prefer to operate in an inspiring and innovative climate, and people are no different. That is why we need to attract to engineering as many students as possible, male and female, from all social and cultural backgrounds.

The concern with the quality of science and engineering education and with the high indices of evasion and failure in the universities has awakened the interest of an increasing number of faculty for an academic practice inclined towards cognitive development, giving rise to programmes of studies and experiments that seek to transform academic practices. In ALE 2014 we will explore how active learning methods in engineering education can be used to develop and strengthen students' learning and their development of engineering competences and also how to use active learning to attract young people to engineering.

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